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The Full Story


Cleaning Patriot was founded in Tustin, CA by Jasmine and Santino Sanchez. During the Covid Lockdown, our business of 15 years was shut down, and we have been in the customer service/Cleaning industry for 33 combined years. Covid was the period in our lives, like many, that made us think of family first and how to keep them safe, healthy, and provide.

Our family has always been our priority, and with kids, most can understand the daily struggles of managing a household, which means keeping it clean and safe for all. After cleaning and sanitizing our home we did families' and friends' homes to help keep everyone healthy. After all the positive feedback and smiles we loved putting on people's faces we decided to start Cleaning Patriot.


To keep families healthy and safe by cleaning and sanitizing homes and offices. Satisfaction Guaranteed.


A clean home and office keep us all healthy so that we may all continue to make memories with our loved ones. We treat you like family. Cleaning with care and love.

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